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NEW Blu Cigs Plus+ and Disposable E-Cigs

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Blu Cigs just raised the bar with the most technologically advanced e-cig in the world. The NEW Blu Cigs Plus+ is far and away the best electronic cigarette that features incredible taste and super thick vapor. Blu Cigs flavors are the bomb and Made in the USA! The Blu Cigs Plus+ starter kit is a bargain priced at 42.99 and it will get you started switching to e-cigs and save you tons and tons of money! Everybody likes a fatter wallet.

Blu Cigs also recently updated their disposable e-cigs! With nothing to assemble and nothing to recharge, disposable e-cigarettes from Blu offer an ideal choice for first time electronic cigarette users. Or, for the on-the-go professional, these no fuss e-cigs, with their compact, ready-to-use design make an excellent travel partner. Visit BluCigs.com for more information!!!

new blu cigs disposable vapor ecigs

Make the Switch Today!

Happy New Year vapers it’s 2015! If you have not made the switch to electronic cigarettes it seriously is time! With traditional tobacco cigarette taxes exploding it’s incredible how much smokers can safe by making the switch. Currently Eversmoke is running a massive 25% off sale on all its starter kits that contain everything you need to get started using vapor e-cigs. Once you have this all you will need to purchase are flavor cartridges that are about 75% cheaper than cigarettes. Learn more at Eversmoke.com

In the photo below is the Eversmoke ultimate starter kit. This is a fabulous and affordable option for the serious e-cig user. It contains everything you need! Click below to get started!

Eversmoke Ultimate Starter Kit

Eversmoke Ultimate Starter Kit

70% Off Holiday Kit

ecig black friday sale

Your friends at Eversmoke Electronic Cigarettes are having a huge Black Friday sale. Enjoy 70% off a special holiday starter kit, 20% off all Eversmoke flavor cartridges and 30% off everything else. Now is the time to save money. Regardless if you’re already a seasoned vaper or ready to make the switch check out Eversmoke’s Black Friday sale now!

Supermax Battery

If you spend a lot of time away from home or a convenient power source using your Eversmoke E-cigs you should definitely invest in a supermax battery. This high capacity is their most popular and it is designed to last for at least 350 puffs. Part of the International Vapor Group that consists of South Beach Smoke and VaporFi, Eversmoke continually develops better products to make you electronic cigarette experience enjoyable. The supermax battery is just another example of innovation from Eversmoke that helps vapers! The supermax is available for $23 and is available in both automatic and manual models. You can find more information at Eversmoke.com

Fall into E-Cigs

Fall is finally here! College and NFL football is finally back after along boring summer at the beach vaping. If you haven’t started using e-cigs now is the perfect time to try! It’s going to get cold soon and we bet you don’t wanna be freezing your butt off smoking outside. Most office buildings allow electronic cigarette use indoors so why not stay warm this winter while saving some money?

Eversmoke E-cigs are the perfect choice. They have 4 different starter kits perfect for every type of vapor cigarette user. Stop spedning thousands annually buying expensive tobacco cigarettes when you can save tons of money with e-cigs that taste great! Eversmoke have exclusive technology that produces a super thick vapor and strong taste every draw! Stop wasting your time with drug store e-cigs that are pure crap and try electronic cigarettes with flavor juice Made in America. Visit Eversmoke now for more information and to get started!

Labor Day Sale – 30% OFF

The Eversmoke Labor Day Sale is finally here! They are offering a massive 30% off all electronic cigarette starter kits and more. If you have been thinking about making the switch to e-cigs now is the perfect time. Pick a starter kit and save some money. Eversmoke taste great, have super thick vapor and function much like tradition tobacco cigarettes. Just put to your mouth and draw. They are smooth and consistent plus they will save you some money! Don’t settle for inferior brands when you can take advantage of this Labor Day Sale and save. Enjoy 30% off now at Eversmoke.com

Thick, Powerful Vapor

After you buy your first e-cig or electronic cigarette starter kit you will quickly realize that nothing is more important than thick and powerful vapor. It is this vapor that delivers the e-cig’s flavor and nicotine to your lungs. If it’s weak you will not experience the full effect of your electronic cigarette. This is exactly why Eversmoke incorporates patented VaporFlo technology into every single flavor cartridge. This technology ensures super thick vapor with every puff maximizing the taste and experience of Eversmoke electronic cigarettes. If you’re currently stuck with weak e-cig vapor try Eversmoke asap!

Eversmoke Flavors

Did you know Eversmoke flavor cartridges are available in 10 incredible and great tasting flavors? Additionally each individual flavor cartridge contains VaporFlo technology exclusive to Eversmoke that ensures smooth draw, great taste and super thick vapor. Royal tobacco flavor is great and the peppermint is even tasty! When buying in bulk a pack of Eversmoke flavor cartridges costs about $2.22. Talk about some amazing savings!

Eversmoke Flavors

  • Classic Tobacco
  • Royal Tobacco
  • Golden Tobacco
  • Cool Menthol
  • Peppermint Party
  • Very Vanilla
  • Coffee Creation
  • Cherry Crush
  • Peach Passion
  • PiƱa Colada

Learn more at http://eversmoke.com/

E-Cig Fathers Day Sale – 35% OFF

Eversmoke Electronic Cigarettes, America’s TOP RATED E-CIG has just announced a HUGE Father’s Day Sale. They are offering 35% OFF on all starter kits. This is a fabulous time to make the switch to electronic cigarettes yourself or help someone else do it. Like your father? This their starter kits in such huge demand Eversmoke rarely offers such huge discounts. If you have been thinking about trying e-cigs now is the time to grab a starter kit that contains everything you need and giving it a whirl. I made the switch in 2008 and haven’y looked back since. I can’t even imagine how much money I have saved. Buy now at Eversmoke.com

Eversmoke Father's Day Sale

Complete Starter Kit

Check out the complete Eversmoke starter kit below. It contains everything you need to get started using electronic cigarettes. Summer 2014 is here and there’s no better time to make the switch to e-cigs! This complete starter kit comes with 2 batteries and a full carton of cartridges in the flavor and strength of your choice. Comes with car charger, wall charger, usb charger and a slick carrying case. Regardless of where you are on the run you can charge your Eversmoke electronic cigarettes and keep on vaping!

Complete Eversmoke E-Cig Starter Kit

Save Money with Eversmoke

One of the major reason smokers of traditional tobacco cigarettes are making the switch to e-cigs is to save money. According to Eversmoke’s savings calculator the average smoker will save 75% of what they’re currently spending on tobacco cigarettes. E-cigs taste great and have many other benefits. Give yourself a tax cut and make the switch today!